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OCB Premium Rolling Papers + Tips [1-1/4"] 24ct

OCB Premium Rolling Papers + Tips [1-1/4"] 24ct

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OCB Premium 1-1/4" + Tips

  • Ultra thin, slow burning, flax plant fibers
  • 50 leaves per pack
  • 100% Natural Arabic Gum - VEGETARIAN - GM FREE
  • Recycled packaging, printed using eco-friendly vegetable inks
  • Comes with one perforated tip for every paper attached to the back of the pack!


OCB Premium papers are the result of OCB’s almost 100 years of experience in perfecting rolling papers. They are made from natural flax fibers with an Arabic gum strip. Each pack contains 50 papers, and if you choose the packs with tips, they also include an equal number of precut tips. OCB Premium papers are known for their slow burning and smooth smoking experience.

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