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Fumar Vape

The Best Disposable Vape You Need To Try...

The Fumar Vape is our new disposable vape that gives you an astonishingly powerful hit full of smooth flavor. This device contains 5% nicotine and 2000 puffs that deliver a much stronger puff of rich satisfying flavors than any other disposable on the market. We are sure once you try Fumar it will be one of your new favorites. 

Powerful, flavorful, and smooth, one hit will surely make you a huge fan. Once you try one, you will want a Fumar Vape in your pocket every day of the week. Super long lasting with rich bold flavors that make you say WOW, you'll be glad you picked up Fumar Vape to satisfy your nicotine smoke cravings.

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"The next best disposable you have ever tried."

Choose from 13 amazing flavors.

Whether you like to stay safe and choose classic mint or Peach Ice, or you prefer to take a ride on the wild/ fruity side and taste the rainbow... Fumar is sure to carry a flavor you will crave.  

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